The Roy Mustang fanlisting has been online since June 15, 2015 ♥

Version 1 Ray of Light features a blend of images of this sexy alchemist, looking glorious and confident ♥ Although he has his comical moments, he has the brains and compassion to become a great leader, and I wanted to show this cool side of him. The transmutation circle on the left represents the flame alchemy that Roy wears on his gloves, which he uses as the basis of all his alchemy. The transmutation circle on the right is from the ruins of the lost country of Xerxes.

The fanlisting is entitled Blazing, which represents the intensity and power of the ☆ I wanted a title that was fierce and bold, and captures his passion for life ♪ As a leader, he blazes a path which may not be the easiest to follow, but nevertheless it is the path he believes is right for his country.


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